At Instant Garden, we believe that healthy produce should be accessible and affordable to everyone. As parents we wanted to instill in young people a love for fresh food and a respect for the bounty that comes from nature.

When we first began, our mission was to design mobile hydroponic gardening systems transported by trucks for the purpose of providing disaster relief, and to deliver fresh, live produce into areas of need.

With the advent of the Instant Garden, we've brought the advances of professional hydroponic technologies into the home. We have been able to simplify the process and remove key barriers that historically have made home hydroponic gardening either impractical or impossible.

With the Instant Garden, we've made gardening so fast and so easy that now you don't need a lot of yard space or even dirt to start a garden. Live plants are mailed directly to you - already growing. There's no weeding or costly watering. We've even reduced the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides so virtually anyone with as little as zero gardening experience can grow great tasting, fresh produce.

Now you can go from no garden one day...
To an actively growing garden the next...
In an instant!
That's our promise.